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Emotions are the most potent driving force of every living organisms; humans are no exception to it. Disturbances in emotions can, therefore, cause significant distress in one's life. They can interfere with your ability to think rationally and thus obstruct your goal-directed activities. There are times when these problems are too overwhelming to be handled by oneself. That is where a psychotherapeutic intervention can help you get back on your feet. 

We, at Yuvana Wellness, aim to equip you to handle and monitor your emotions in a healthy and fulfilling way. We bring you Pune's first Single Session Therapy (SST) centre. Single session Therapy, as the name suggests, focuses on helping the client deal with one emotional distress within one session. 

Our therapists are certified practitioners of RECBT(Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) from Albert Ellis Institute, New York. Thus, we provide therapy interventions of standard on-going therapy along with our specialised Single Session Therapy.

We also encourage everyone to think of mental health in the same way as their physical health. Thus, we have come up with a unique therapy style called "Mental Health Screening". It is an interactive method, making use of various tools, that gives you an insight into your overall mental health. This session will be a therapy session in a different format which is designed to be like a Mental Health Check-up.

While it is essential to seek out a therapist's help, it is also vital that we improve our understanding of ourselves and others. Keeping this goal in mind, Yuvana Wellness also provides short-duration workshops and seminars for self-help and emotional skills development. 

Psychometrics has been standardised by many researchers to attain information about the various aspects of human and animal behaviour. At Yuvana, we have come up with therapy-integrated psychometrics. Along with your test scores, you will also receive detailed analysis from our psychometricians. These tests are available online and in-clinic. Your psychometrician will guide you through the analysis and also suggest steps to be taken in future.

At Yuvana Wellness, our aim is offer varied services under one roof. Our services are complementary to one another to suffice the enhancement of your mental health.


We hope to lend you a helping hand to explore the light that shines within you. 

Contact us today avail our services or to enroll for our upcoming workshops. 

Yours faithfully, 

Aditi Kulkarni 

Director, Yuvana Wellness

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