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Single Session Therapy

Did You Know

Around 80% of people prefer to go for a psychotherapy session only ONCE

Single Session Therapy (SST) is a specific, structured method of psychotherapy that intentionally involves just one visit with a therapist. SST is designed for clients who would like to meet a therapist on a one-time basis to talk about any concerns they might have in a very focused way.


The goal is to facilitate change as quickly and effectively as possible.

Single Session therapy helps the person handle their problems independently with the assurance that more sessions are available in the future if needed.


Works for every problem 

Cost Effective

Time Friendly 

No prolonged commitments 

No lengthy form filling/ case history 

What Do You Get?

One session to deal with any problem that you might be facing

A dedicated therapist throughout your journey  

Availability of more sessions if required

A customised Action Plan with the aid of Self Sarathi