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The Team


Aditi Kulkarni

Founder & Director

Aditi Kulkarni is an acclaimed therapist with credentials from the Albert Ellis Institute, New York, in Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavior Therapy (RE&CBT). A Neuroscience graduate from King's College, London, she uniquely merges psychological insight with neural understanding. A trailblazer in Single Session Therapy, Aditi's exceptional skills have earned her the "Outstanding Leadership Award" from Health 2.0 and the "Women Leadership Award" from Glantor X, underscoring her global influence. Her journey reflects innovative contributions to therapy and remarkable dedication to transformative change, solidifying her reputation as a pioneering expert in her field.

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Psychotherapist & Senior Facilitator

Moksha serves as a seasoned senior facilitator, bringing adept guidance, meticulous management, and skillful direction to a myriad of activities and logistical operations across all our centers. With a robust background as a Psychotherapist, she adeptly orchestrates and supervises a team of therapists at our prestigious Satara Road center.

Her educational accomplishments include a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, reflecting her profound understanding of psychological dynamics, and a Diploma in Counselling Psychology, further underscoring her expertise in fostering holistic well-being. Moksha's multifaceted role extends to strategic oversight of activities and resources, ensuring seamless operations and an enriching environment for both clients and practitioners alike.

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Kunal Khanade

Senior Operations Manager

Kunal is invloved in the Operations aspect of Yuvana Wellness. Duties include accounting, marketing, user interface and user design, taking care of user experience and co-ordinating events. Kunal has a Masters degree from the University of Michigan in Industrial and Operations Engineering and is one of the team members that has been with Yuvana since the beginning. Having successfully managed various upcoming business through his company , Evenstar Enterprises, he is now committed to elevate the standards and quality of Yuvana Wellness.

Sanskruti Shinde

Psychotherapist & Operations Manager

Sanskruti assists in spearheading the company's formulating strategy for all platforms. Performance enhancement, and procuring material and resources are the tasks that are handled by her. She has completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Diploma in School Psychology from Jnana Prabodini and has two years of experience working with children. She collaborates closely with our psychiatrist at the Aundh Center, forming a strong team to provide comprehensive mental health support. 




Rashi is a distinguished professional with a comprehensive educational background, holding a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology along with a specialized Diploma in Counselling Psychology. Her expertise lies in addressing a wide spectrum of women-related issues, showcasing her in-depth understanding of the complexities surrounding these concerns.

She plays a pivotal role as a psychotherapist at the Satara Road branch of Yuvana Wellness, where she conducts impactful and transformative psychotherapy sessions. Rashi's commitment to promoting mental well-being and her ability to establish a nurturing therapeutic environment make her an indispensable asset to the Yuvana Wellness team.

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