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The Team


Aditi Kulkarni

Founder & Director

Aditi Kulkarni is a trained RE&CBT (Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavior Therapy) therapist from Albert Ellis Institute, New York and a Neuroscience graduate from King's College, London. Aditi is amongst a handful of experts practising Single Session Therapy (SST). She is the youngest recipient of the "Outstanding Leadership Award" accorded by Health 2.0 and the "Women Leadership Award" by Glantor X.

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Psychotherapist & Senior Facilitator

Moksha is a Senior facilitator who guides, manages and directs activities & logistics in all the centres. She is a Psychotherapist who handles the team of therapists at the centre at Satara Road. She has completed her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and a Diploma in Counselling Psychology.

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Kunal Khanade

Senior Operations Manager

Kunal is invloved in the Operations aspect of Yuvana Wellness. Duties include accounting, marketing, user interface and user design, taking care of user experience and co-ordinating events. Kunal has a Masters degree from the University of Michigan in Industrial and Operations Engineering and is one of the team members that has been with Yuvana since the beginning. Having successfully managed various upcoming business through his company , Evenstar Enterprises, he is now committed to elevate the standards and quality of Yuvana Wellness.


Psychotherapist & Psychometrician

As a psychometrician, she converts any concepts to quantitative data, loves to play with  numbers and do data analysis. She also works in the language development department and does psychotherapy.  Tanvi has completed her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology.



Psychotherapist and Research Assistant 

Swarali assists in psychotherapy and leads the research team. She has completed her masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a certificate course in counselling.

She is apt in research and has worked on various papers.

Sanskruti Shinde

Psychotherapist & Operations Manager

Sanskruti assists in spearheading the company's formulating strategy for all platforms. Performance enhancement, and procuring material and resources are the tasks that are handled by her. She has completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Diploma in School Psychology from Jnana Prabodini. She has two years of experience working with children.




Rashi has completed her masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a Diploma in Counselling Psychology. She specializes in women related problems and  She takes psychotherapy sesssions at Satara road center of Yuvana Wellness. 

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