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Language Development

Did You Know

Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill and Boman Irani are one of the many celebrities to have overcome stammering in their life

We at Yuvana refer to Language Development as the treatment of speech and communication problems. To improve communication, Language Development approaches are performed with the help of our expert therapists. 

Personalised treatment plans for speech disorders may include articulation therapy, language intervention therapy, and treatment for other language or speech disorders.


Speech may need physical exercises to strengthen the muscle through multiple techniques to improve clarity or sound production practices. Language Development can be applied to both children and adults.


Improving coordination of speech muscles

Improving communication between the body and brain

Improving fluency

Enhancing the learning of language

Improving communication

What Do You Get?

Evaluation session to narrow down the problem 

Customised treatment protocol according to your requirement 

A specialist therapist personally managing your case