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Mental Health Screening Brochure

Yuvana Wellness, aims to equip you to handle and monitor your emotions in a healthy and fulfilling way. We also encourage everyone to think of mental health in the same way as your physical health. Thus, we have come up with a unique therapy style called "Mental Health Screening".

Yuvana's Doctors-Hospitals Value added services

We offer pre-surgery and post-surgery consultation services, with the aim to maximize patient’s well-being and minimize the doctor’s time spent on counseling the patients for non-surgery related issues. We offer patient evaluation psychometrics as well as Patient Information Leaflets (PIL) for surgical in-patients. 

Yuvana Single Session Therapy brochure

This brochure provides more information about Yuvana's Single session therapy service

Psychometrics Brochure

Psychometrics is a systematic and productive method to quantify an essential qualitative field. Developing a test specifically catering to your target audience is the most efficient way to know more about them and at the same time make them aware of their current mental health conditions. It is an accurate and appropriate measurement that is cost-effective and unbiased.

As a part of Yuvana Psychometrics, we will work in coalition with you to understand your requirements, your clientele and your field of research so that we can prepare the best possible measurement tool for you

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