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Therapy For Elderly Population

Did You Know

Research suggests that counseling and psychotherapy can be highly effective for addressing mental health concerns in the elderly population.

At Yuvana Wellness we are dedicated to providing psychotherapy services to the geriatric population. Our team of therapists are trained and experienced in working with elderly individuals who may be experiencing mental health challenges.


We understand that the geriatric population faces unique challenges that can impact their mental health, such as physical limitations, chronic illnesses, social isolation, and cognitive decline. That's why we offer our services to clients in the comfort of their own homes. We believe that providing therapy in the familiar and safe environment of their home can help to reduce any anxiety or discomfort that clients may experience.


Our goal is to help each client feel heard, validated, and empowered to make positive changes in their lives.If you or a loved one could benefit from our psychotherapy services for the geriatric population, please contact us to learn more. We would be honoured to support you on your mental health journey.


  • Improved mood

  • Better coping skills

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Enhanced relationships

  • Better quality of life

What Do You Get?

  • Home visit

    • Session to deal with any problem that you might be facing related to mental health at your door step

  • A dedicated therapist throughout your journey  

  • Availability of more sessions if required


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Single-Session Therapy Really Work?

Yes, you won’t know till you try it.

Can I Have More Sessions?

Yes, if you need to, you can contact your therapist and set up a new appointment.

Is Single Session Therapy Only For Specific Problems?

No, SST solves any issue that might arise. If the therapist believes that you need extra sessions, he or she will properly inform you.

How Long Does A Single Session Therapy Take?

You will participate in a single session of our RECBT (Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) therapy that lasts between 50 and 75 minutes.

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