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Founder and Director of Yuvana Wellness Was Invited To Share Her Perspectives Health 2.0 Conference’

Aditi Kulkarni, Founder, and Director of Yuvana Wellness expressed her insightful thoughts and ideas at the start-up session of the Health 2.0 Conference, scheduled at Intercontinental Dubai Festival City, UAE, on 23rd - 25th March 2022.

Aditi is a RECBT practitioner specializing in Single Session Therapy. She founded Yuvana Wellness to make multiple mental health services available under one roof. They offer therapy sessions, mental health screenings, psychometric analysis, and short-duration training.

Intending to equip people in the handling and monitoring of their emotions in a healthy and fulfilling way, they are Pune’s (India) first Single Session Therapy (SST) center.

In the start-up session, she talked about how Yuvana Wellness offers single-session therapy, a recently developed psychotherapy protocol. Single-session therapy aims to provide a treatment or therapy at a lesser cost, in less time, and with more effectiveness. SST is one problem, one session, and one plan.

She highlighted the benefits of SST, which include providing help according to the person’s point of need rather than availability. Also, with one session solution, there is cost-effectiveness and reduction in the taboo and commitment time to the psychotherapy. SST is a complete client-driven therapy method where the client decides the flow of the session. The client has the power to dictate the how, when, and where of their treatment and not the therapist.

Aditi also discussed the ‘Self-Sarthi’ book they give to their clients during the session, which has the action plans created by her. It contains suggestions or helps in times of stress, decision-making, and keeping track of their progress.

They have designed pocket-friendly play cards that can be used for self-talk for motivation or to keep track of their progress. These are also given during the session therapy to motivate and help the clients feel better.

They are trying to make psychotherapy a convenient and quick process to help people in times of stress instead of after suffering it. They intend to bridge the gap between the time taken by the therapeutic intervention to work and in finding a solution to mental health problems.

Considering their virtuous intentions and tremendous dedication to solving prevailing mental health issues, Health 2.0 Conference honored Aditi Kulkarni with the ‘Outstanding Leadership Award.’

Health 2.0 Conference honors a few luminaries contributing to the healthcare and wellness industry. They spotlight the remarkable work of a handful of healthcare leaders and organizations in their exclusive Recognition Session. The awardees are selected based on the following parameters:

● Leader’s Reputation

● Educational Background

● Professional Experience

● Creative Thinking

● Decisive Leadership

After carefully considering and evaluating the potential candidates on the parameters mentioned above, the Assessment Committee drafts a list of selected candidates for this eminent recognition. Getting measured on these many parameters and finally getting into the awardee list is a huge moment for the honorees.

When asked how she felt after receiving the ‘Outstanding Leadership Award,’ Aditi expressed, “I feel wonderful and quite humbled. I am quite young for the lot, and this is something I never expected, and I am really happy about that.”

She added her experience at the conference

, “It was a wonderful experience. People are so interactive and amazing. They’re doing so many things. And I am especially happy that they are ready to share and open about their experiments and ideologies, which is interesting to me. It’s good to discuss something as important as healthcare on a platform where everyone is open to sharing and talking.”

Health 2.0 Conference provides a global platform for healthcare professionals to learn, network, and exchange ideas and thoughts with other professionals and organizations across the pharma, healthcare, wellness, and life sciences sector. Within three days, it attempts to accelerate positive change in the healthcare industry by spotlighting creative and innovative solutions to present-day challenges affecting healthcare models worldwide.

In its upcoming Winter Edition, Health 2.0 Conference aims to underline the disruptions and innovations in the healthcare sector by focusing on youth mental health and society, the importance of nutrition, drug development and sustainability, medical fraud, drug fraud, and common health scams. It would be a place full of intensive knowledge and learning sessions for healthcare and wellness experts.

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