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Yuvana Wellness

Yuvana - The strength that makes you move forward

Pune's First Single Session Therapy Centre

We offer mental health counselling and screenings, psychometrics and short durations workshop

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Why Yuvana Wellness?

We, at Yuvana Wellness, aim to equip you to handle and monitor your emotions in a healthy and fulfilling way. We bring you Pune's first Single Session Therapy (SST) centre. Here are some of our main features:

  • Single-Session Therapy: One session to deal with any emotional disturbance you may be going through. Therapists specifically trained in RECBT (Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

  • Mental Health Screening: Interactive Therapy style meant to be a mental health check-up

  • Programmes and Workshops: Short duration courses for self-help and skill development

  • Psychometric Testing: Therapy-integrated testing and personalised analysis to enable self-awareness

At Yuvana Wellness, we hope to lend you a helping hand to explore the light that shines within you. 

Collaborations and Awards

Dr. Khanade Hospital Logo.png

Dr.Khanade Hospital

 Quality health care with best doctors and highly focused care for women's healthcare

Dr. Khanade Hospital has been in the Gynecology, Maternity and Nursing Home healthcare space in Pune since 1988.

Health 2.0 Dubai logo.png

Health 2.0, DUBAI

Aditi, our founder, received the Health 2.0 award for her contributions to the healthcare field in March 2022

The Health 2.0 Conference deliberates on ways to boost the global healthcare ecosystem by bringing the brightest minds in healthcare and wellness under one roof. 

Talk Nest Logo

talk nest

Talk Nest is a mental health service aiming to bust myths surrounding therapy & create mental health awareness in the society.

They conduct live sessions & webinars to equip individuals in identifying their problems & work towards them. Also provide confidential and affordable counseling sessions related to stress, anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, parenting, work-life balance, career related issues, performance anxiety, body image issues, etc.

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