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Mental Health Screening

Mental Health Screening : Mind = Blood test : Body

We encourage everyone to think of mental health in the same way as your physical health. Thus, we have come up with a unique therapy style called "Mental Health Screening". It is an interactive method, making use of various tools, that gives you an insight into your overall mental health.

Aims of Mental Health Screening

  • To build resilience and well-being to stop the development of mental health disorders

  • Make it equivalent to blood tests, stress tests, yearly check-up to know more about your mental toughness and resilience

  • Create an action plan to improve overall psychological wellbeing

Blood Samples
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How does Mental Health Screening work?

The mental health screening at Yuvana Wellness is a three-day package. The Screening consists of psychometric tests given on different days to reduce fatigue.


A 'getting to know your story' short session where we ask you about

what are the things we need to know regarding any concerns you have regarding your emotions. We will go over your test results and come up with an action plan to help guide you to achieve your goals with mental resilience.

Package highlights and timeline

Day 1 (approx. 30-40 mins): "Getting to know You" - Phone call & Psychometric Test 1

Day 2 (approx. 45 mins): Psychometric Test 2 & 3

Day 3 (approx. 60 mins): Psychotherapy consultation

Day 30: Follow-up by the consultant

After the session: You are urged to reflect-digest-act on the learning-let time pass-then decide if you want another session or not

Why choose Yuvana Wellness's Mental Health Screening for you?

  • Yuvana Wellness is Pune's first and currently an only centre for Single Session Therapy and Mental Health Screening

  • In order to promote mental health awareness, we offer Mental Health Screening. This is an interactive therapy style to facilitate a mental health checkup like a physical health checkup

  • Screening includes Therapy-integrated psychometrics

  • These are not algorithm-based tests, our psychometricians will go through each and every response to provide personalised analytics

  • A psychotherapy consultation based on your results is included

  • Action plan to help you achieve your goals is created in the consultation

  • Follow-up with you is done by the consultant after 1 month of your screening

  • Online as well as in-clinic conduction of screening available

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