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What We Offer

We implement effective Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (RECBT) methods to instill self-understanding and encourage you to adopt rational attitudes and feelings to deal with what life has to offer. Since opening the doors of Yuvana Wellness in 2019, we have provided everyone in the Pune area and online with a wide range of mental health services. Our services are personalized to suit everyone’s needs. We are always eager to help you in your process of exploring the light within.

 Single Session Therapy

Holding Hands

One session is one chance to help yourself

Is emotional distress holding you back? Is your goal being obstructed by your emotional hindrance? It might be time to seek help from a therapist. Our specialised "Single Session Therapy" can help you develop rational attitudes towards life’s most complex and challenging circumstances by developing an action plan. Contact us today and give us the opportunity to become the best possible version of yourself.

Programmes and Workshops

Image by Dylan Gillis

Teach your inquisitive mind about itself

Do you want to learn about emotions, causes of emotional disturbances, coping techniques and basics of therapy? We have a number of short duration programmes designed just for you. The programmes are aimed at helping you develop skills for better mental health. Psychologists, students, social workers, teachers, HR professionals can especially benefit from these specially designed modules. Through our interactive workshops, you can learn about the basics that can prove to be a foundation for further knowledge attainment.

Psychometric Testing and Analysis

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Analysis to provide an insight into the mind

Are you looking for standardised Aptitude Tests, Intelligence Tests, Marital Bliss Testing? Our therapy-integrated testing and analysis provide you with a wide range of Psychometric testing. Not just that, we analyse your results from a well-being point of view. You are provided with detailed analysis by our analysts followed by therapy if need be. The tests are available for you online or at the clinic.

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