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Programmes and Workshops 

Become Your Own Therapist

Learning is the key to improving your understanding of the subject matter. It is important to develop your ability to understand yourself as well as others. Our short-duration courses can help you gain this understanding and intruige your mind

How Are These Workshops Unique?

  • Specialised  and short-duration courses

  • Subjects are relevant to current social scenarios

  • Aimed towards developing your psychology skills

  • Learning will set the foundation for advanced training

  • Will help you navigate your emotional states and locate whether anyone around you needs a therapeutic intervention

  • Discourses are available online or in-person

  • Compact batches for each workshop

  • Personalised attention is given to each trainee

  • Study material, worksheets, notes and books provided 

  • For all-day sessions, we offer you complimentary lunch and refreshments

  • Register with a token amount or pay in full to secure your seat

  • Early-bird and Group Discounts available

Yuvana Wellness programs and workshop se




Topics for Workshops include

  • Understanding Emotions through RECBT

  • Coping with Emotions through Music

  • Relationships and their dynamics

  • Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding Psychometric Testing and Analysis

  • How to be a good manager?

  • Rational Parenting

  • Coping with Emotions during Pregnancy

  • Anger Management

  • Help Me Hit The Gym- The Psychology of Procrastination

  • Developing Research Skills for successful International Accreditation 

  • Mental Health for Medical Professionals

Who Can Apply?

  • Psychologists/ Psychotherapists 

  • Psychology Students 

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Social Workers

  • Teachers

  • Lawyers

  • HR Personnel

 Make us a  part of  your  knowledge  gaining  process

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