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Single Session Therapy

Less therapy, More efficiency

Single Session Therapy (SST) is a therapeutic approach to help you within one session while being sure that more help is available whenever necessary.

Why is SST ideal for everyone?

  • A brief therapeutic encounter can have a lasting effect on you

  • Humans have the capacity to help themselves quickly under specific circumstances 

  • One session might be sufficient to help you devise an action plan to overcome your obstacles

  •  No long-standing time commitment is required; one session when you decide

  • No case-history form filling needed. Case-relevant questions will be asked to you during therapy to optimise the process

  • The therapist will aim at helping you at the point of need within one session itself

  • More help is always available. If you feel the need to reconnect, you can always set up another session

  • The best way to find out if it works for you is to try!

Single Session Therapy steps and timelin

How does SST work?

One session can help you to address one specific problem and take a few steps that will help you work towards your goal without the need for professional guidance.

A typical session will involve the following steps:

  • Face-to-face session (approx. 90 mins): This is your actual session where your problem shall be actively discussed while an action plan is developed for you to tread upon

  • After the session: You are urged to reflect-digest-act on the learning-let time pass-then decide if you want another session or not

  • Follow-up (1 month): A routine follow-up phone call by your therapist just to check on you and see how things are going

Why choose Yuvana Wellness for your therapeutic requirements?

  • Yuvana Wellness is Pune's first and currently an only centre for Single Session Therapy

  • In order to promote mental health awareness, we offer Mental Health Screening. This is an interactive therapy style to facilitate a mental health checkup like a physical health checkup

  • Along with SST, we also provide on-going therapy that can continue over a schedule of weeks 

  • Our therapists are trained and accredited RECBT practitioners (Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

  • We provide online as well as in-person sessions

  • Our therapists are available for you during several hours of the day, for very equitable fees

  • You can make use of our other services of psychometrics and learning programmes to enhance and improve your mental health journey

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Single Session Therapy: Resources
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