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Psychometric Tool Development

Are You In Your Right Mind?

Over the years, several researchers have created tools for the assessment of various aspects of the human mind and behaviour. Our specialised psychometricians can help you gain insight into your cognition and locate if there is any requirement for further intervention.

What Does Yuvana Psychometrics Offer?

  • Therapy-integrated psychometrics

  • These are not algorithm-based tests. Our psychometricians will go through each and every response and analyse your results

  • Detailed and personalised analytics will be provided with each test you choose

  • A therapy session can be arranged for based on a mutual decision between you and your psychometrician

  • Broad-spectrum testing tools available 

  • Tests are available online as well as in-clinic

Taking Notes
Mental Health Screening process

How Does This Work?

Online Tests

  • You book any of the test(s) from the psychometrics store

  • The test will be automatically downloaded on your device

  • You can solve the test

  • Our psychometrician will analyse your submission in detail 

  • You will receive your test results and detailed analysis within 24 hours 

In-clinic Tests

  • Follow the same above steps

  • You will receive a phone call from your psychometrician to arrange for a suitable timing regarding the clinic appointment

  • Our psychometrician will help you gain insights about results and analysis during the 30 minutes appointment 

  • Along with this, you will receive recommendations for further steps from your psychometrician

Testing and Analysis: Resources

Some Tests Available

  • Emotional Intelligence Test

  • Subjective Wellbeing Assessment 

  • Resilience Test

  • Body Image Scale

  • Personality Test

  • Marital Bliss Test 

  • Post-partum Depression Scale 

  • Anxiety Assessment Scale 

  • Mental Age Tests

  • Aptitude Tests

Yuvana Wellness Psychometrics
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