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Our Team

Our expertise for Your betterment

We are a group of passionate and hard-working professionals. Having worked several years in our respective fields, we are here for you now to guide you through your mental health journey. We are committed to facilitating you with pristine services to enhance your experience

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Senior Co-ordinator


Senior Facilitator

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Psychometrics Head

Riya Karmarkar

Moksha Shah

Harshada Khaladkar

Aditi Kulkarni is a trained RE&CBT (Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavior Therapy) therapist from Albert Ellis Institute, New York and a Neuroscience graduate from King's College, London. She has been working in the field of counseling and therapy for the past six years. Aditi has been specifically trained in Single Session Therapy (SST).


She has started Yuvana Wellness with the vision to integrate various psychotherapeutic services to facilitate better mental health for all. She heads the departments of therapy and training in Yuvana and also works alongside her team for recruitment, marketing, business development, and service provision.


She is also currently serving as the Head of Dept of Mental Health at Dr. Khanade Hospital.

Riya has completed her Master's in Clinical Psychology. She has worked with children and adults in clinical and counselling settings.


She has also presented her research at a National conference. Always keen to learn, she has attended workshops to enhance her understanding in areas such as REBT, Play therapy, Mindfulness. 

Moksha has completed her graduation in the field of Psychology and is currently pursuing her master's degree in Clinical Psychology and a diploma in counseling psychology.


During the course she has been doing different internships to understand Psychology practically and enhance her skills. She believes in being an organized, focused, friendly and authentic person.

Harshada Shriniwas Khaladkar is currently pursuing her last year in clinical psychology from Depart of Psychology, savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.


At yuvana Wellness, her role is as a research psychometrician. Previously, she has worked as an intern at an autism center as well as she has volunteered at Institute for Psychological Health, have conducted role plays in communities to spread awareness under the guidance of Dr. Anand Nadkarni. Having interest in research and psychometrics, she was a junior researcher at department of psychology of Mumbai University to develop an Interest Inventory.


To study new concepts in psychology, she has completed my master’s thesis on ‘Depressive symptoms, procrastination among Binge and Non-Binge watchers’. Psychology has always been her passion to provide mental health aid to people through counselling, psychometrics, role plays. Apart from her academics, she is a trekker and a swimmer.

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Aditi Kulkarni


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