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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for the therapy?

You can use the following options to pay, we need to receive your payment first in order to confirm your appointments

  • Paypal

  • Credit/debit cards

  • UPI

  • Google Pay

  • Paytm


  • Cash (exceptional circumstances)

Do you use Freudian or Jungian analysis techniques?

We use neither, We are RECBT (Rational Emotive Cognitive behavioral Therapy) therapists.

Can I have more than one session?

Yes, you can, if you feel the need for it, you can contact your therapist and schedule another session.

How do I follow-up for my treatment?

The follow-up will be conducted by your therapist after one month of your session

Does single-session therapy only for specific problems?

No, SST works for every problem that might present. If the therapist feels there is a need for more sessions that will be conveyed to you duly

Who does Single Session Therapy (SST) works best?

Works best for everyone with every problem except involuntary clients

Does the training certify me to be a therapist?

No, these trainings are meant to be for self-help and skill development you will still have to do certificate courses to gain authority for practice.

Who are the workshops specifically for?

The workshops can be attended by everyone but they are specially focused on psychology students, mental health professionals, other medical professions such as doctors, nurses, NGOs, social workers, etc.

What if I cannot attend a workshop on the given day?

You can attend it via Zoom if you cannot physically be present on a particular day.

Do I have to come to the clinic for the therapy session?

No, you can set-up an online session with your therapist on Zoom for the same price.


Does SST really work?

Yes, you won't know unless you try it!

How long does each therapy session take?

According to our RECBT (Rational Emotive Cognitive behavioral Therapy) Single session therapy protocol you will have a pre-session phone call and a face-to-face therapy session

  • Phone call duration 30 minutes

  • Session duration 60 minutes


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