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Glasses we all wear

Lily had a remarkable talent for creating breathtaking glass sculptures. Her artwork showcased a unique blend of vibrant colours and intricate designs that seemed to transcend reality. Lily's village was known for its annual Art Fair, where artists from all over the region gathered to showcase their masterpieces. Eager to make her mark, Lily poured her heart and soul into creating her most extraordinary sculpture yet. The villagers eagerly anticipated her creation, as rumours of its exquisite beauty spread like wildfire. On the day of the Art Fair, Lily unveiled her sculpture, which she named "Reflections." It stood tall and proud, shimmering under the sunlight. As people flocked to see her masterpiece, Lily observed their reactions with anticipation. However, to her dismay, she noticed something unexpected. Some visitors were unimpressed, barely sparing a glance at her creation, while others seemed captivated by its magnificence.

Glass Sculpture

Confused and disheartened, Lily sought guidance from an elderly wise woman who was renowned for her wisdom. The wise woman listened intently to Lily's concerns and gently explained the concept of the mental filter. She told Lily that each person possessed their own unique mental filter, shaped by their experiences, beliefs, and biases. Inspired by the wise woman's words, Lily decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery. She visited various villages, showcasing her artwork and observing people's reactions. With every interaction, Lily gained insight into the intricate workings of the mental filter.

Through this encounter, Lily realised that her artwork had the power to touch people's lives in profound ways, but only if they allowed themselves to see beyond their mental filters. She recognized that her self-worth wasn't dependent on everyone's approval but rather on the impact her art had on those who truly appreciated it. Lily returned to her village, embracing her new found understanding of the mental filter. She continued creating art that resonated with people on a deeper level, knowing that her sculptures would find their way into the hearts of those who could perceive their true beauty. And as for the mental filters that clouded people's vision, Lily made it her mission to gently encourage them to embrace a broader perspective, one that encompassed the wonders of both reality and imagination.

Glasses we all wear

The story of Lily and her sculptures serves as a metaphor for the mental filters we all possess. It highlights the importance of recognizing and challenging our biases and preconceived notions. By doing so, we can expand our perception of reality and appreciate the beauty and meaning that exists beyond our limited perspectives. Breaking free from the constraints of our mental filters allows us to engage with the world authentically, fostering empathy, understanding, and personal growth.

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